Located in Monticello, Arkansas serving Christ by serving all of Southeast Arkansas

For many people, when the need for an attorney arises, they don't know where to even begin.  Some people may even need an attorney or legal services and not realize it.  

I provide competent legal services, at very reasonable rates.  I am admitted to both the State bar and the Federal bar in Arkansas, and I believe in customer service.

Most consultations are free in person, over the phone, or at law clinics I hold in many Southeast Arkansas Communities.  If you would be interested in hosting a law clinic in your community, please contact me at 870-623-8648.

I practice many areas of law including, Custody, Child Support, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Small Business and Juvenile Law.  I do not handle divorce cases, and I do not believe in mudslinging or intimidation.  

As an attorney, I seek to uphold our constitution, the rule of law, and the legal profession.  More importantly though, as a Christian, I seek to uphold God's will, love, justice and mercy.  I truly believe that I can serve Christ and show his love by serving those around me.

If you have a legal matter you would like to discuss, please contact me, I can be reached at 870-623-8648, or by e-mail at ascotthill@gmail.com, I look forward to serving you.