Scott Gardner, Comm Engineer

About Me:  I am a Communications / Network Engineer I have over 39 years experience working for the Air Force.  I have worked on Ground to Air and Land Mobile Radio systems.  I have also spent the last 15 years working on Networking systems.  I set up this site to provide information to the class I am teaching at SWIC on Communications Electronics as well as my EET121 class semiconductor basics , so it will not be fancy, but may be useful.  I hold a Professional Engineers license in Illinois.

NIST Link Budget Calculator                                          
A link to a useful program called "convert" by Josh Madison , drop it on your desktop                            
Satellite Link Budget Calculator
Another Satellite Link Budget Calculator

An RF Engineering Site Chock Full of useful tools
A set of Link Budget Spreadsheets for various RF systems
A paper to help you determine slant range, and look angles

A good website that explains orbital dynamics(for you who want to be astrophysicists)
A good site for an extensive tutorial on all aspects of networking
The Telephone Cable color code
A great youtube site showing how Fourier Series work.
Another youtube site showing how Fourier Series work.
An excel spreadsheet from that has a lot of great functions
A good brief on GSM
A good brief on CDMA
A Map of the internet........Sort of
AN MPEG You Tube Tutorial also look at this Wikipedia page and this tutorial
A paper that explains Broadcast TV data transmission 8VSB works
A free packet sniffer Wireshark.
MITs Open Course Ware website  

An Excel spreadsheet I created for determining path loss

Scotts Link Budget calculator

I also have an interest in Linux operating systems, and have set up numerous computers to use different distributions  I particularly like these 
Two free, low overhead, Operating Systems (Perfect for your obsolete Windows XP Computers) based on Ubuntu.
Peppermint  and Mint

 A Linux/Unix Command Line Cheat Sheet from Fossware

EET121 Pertinent data.
You will find the EET121 lectures and Multisim Examples in a sub page below.  You will also find the Multisim 10 lab exercises in the sub page below

LTSPICE   a free circuit analysis software program available from

There are both LTSPICE and Multisim 14 examples  that come directly from the textbook available.  Please ask me for a copy of the files on CD or Thumb Drive.

A good site for learning electronics is

A great site full of calculators for designing BJT and JFET circuits is   Just  pick the calculator for BJT or JFET you like.

A Good youtube video for understanding how Brushless DC motors work (BLDC) is: 

A more technical explanation is here: