Vermont DNC Committeeman election 2016

The D.N.C. is broken

Since 2008 the DNC has lost 13 Senate and 69 House seats, 11 governorships, 910 legislative seats,
as well as the majorities in 30 state legislative chambers. 

This year's Presidential nominating contest has been unfair and divisive, risking the Presidency

The Corporate Democratic establishment has been playing the game  for decades and we are the losers. 
We don't need better team players, we need to change the rules of the games. I expect Bernie to win in Philadelphia
but win or loose we need to bring the political revolution to the DNC. 

Serious structural changes are a must:

Superdelegate - I'll decide
  • Open all the primaries - We must reach out to the 48% of voters who are disappointed in both parties.
    We can't win elections without them.
  • Fix super-delegate system - It was designed to take power from the majority and give it to the establishment.
    It has lead to the takeover of the party by big money donors and lobbyists.

  • Make the DNC Chair answerable to Members - The DNC Charter and Rules have allowed
    Debbie WassermanSchultz to run the DNC like a dictator to the detriment of the general interest  of the Party. 

A vote for Scott is a vote for us. 

Scott Garren, 802-492-2284,