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Prepper's Guide to Knots

Prepper's Guide to Knots

The 100 Most Useful Tying Techniques for Surviving Any Disaster.
When catastrophe strikes and the modern technologies fail, ropework skills will become as essential for survival as they were for centuries past.  The variety of knots taught in this book are guaranteed to hold against even the toughest forces, ensuring that an emergency doesn't turn into a disaster. 


  • Create a sturdy shelter with a Harness Bend
  • Preserve sacks of grain with a Bag Knot
  • Move fallen trees with a Bowline
  • Transport injured persons with a Munter Hitch
  • Secure your home against intruders with a Zeppelin Bend
  • Hang rations above floodwater with a Scaffold Knot

Prepper's Guide to Knots features clear step-by-step instructions on tying each knot.  It also provides information on selecting the right type of rope, the history of ropework, and specific benefits of each knot.