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Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook

The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook

A complete, step-by-step guide to preparing yourself and your community to aid first responders during a disaster situation

When disaster strikes, whether it’s a hurricane, flood, or house fire, first responders may not be on scene for crucial minutes, hours, or even days. The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook teaches you exactly what to do in order to help family members, neighbors, and vulnerable strangers until further help arrives.

The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook
Based on the extremely popular Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training classes, the vital information in this guide could make all the difference in saving lives when dealing with dozens of disaster situations. It demonstrates how to turn off utilities to prevent fire after an earthquake, evacuate a workplace during a catastrophic disaster, organize a search and rescue to find a lost person, stabilize a car crash victim for medical transport, treat burns to prevent infection, and set up a triage center during an ongoing crisis.

Each section of the book is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and illustrations to teach you the basic emergency response techniques as well as useful checklists and interactive activities to help you better prepare for any emergency response situation.