Scott Finazzo has been a professional firefighter for over twenty years and is currently serving as a captain for the Overland Park (KS) Fire Department. He has been writing in various capacities for much of his life. With years of experience both preparing for and responding to disasters, he has developed a keen interest in safety and survival. His self-reliance skills have been honed by undertaking ventures such as exploring the Rocky Mountains and several excursions into the islands of the Caribbean.

Scott co-authored the National Best Seller The Prepper's Workbook with Scott B. Williams and followed it up with the narrative of his kayak adventure through the Virgin Islands with two friends in self-built sea kayaks titled Why Do All the Locals Think We're Crazy?. Scott continues on the topic of safety with the publications of his books The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook, Prepper's Survival Medicine Handbook, and Prepper's Guide to Knots

Most recently Scott has designed and published a series of career specific writing journals. All books can be found at www.amazon.com.