Reader Questions (Go Into The Story)

Are the holidays a lousy time to send out a spec script?

Are there movies where the Protagonist is the Nemesis?

Are there specific ways to simplify and focus a story? 

Are today's adult comedies more about the concept than the screenplay?

Are we too cynical for Capra-esque movies nowadays? 

Bolded sluglines: Yes or no? 

CGI budget concerns in a spec script? 

Can writing a character bio get in the way of one's creative process?

Could you provide some insight into the script development process?

Did you ever keep writing a spec script even when you thought the project wouldn't sell?

Do all characters get their own 'hero's journey'?

Do all Protagonists need an arc?

Do I continue to write a 5th draft or start writing a new script?

Do I have to get someone's life rights?

Do I need to secure the rights to a book I'm relying on for research?

Do nemesis characters necessarily HAVE to suffer in the end?

Do screenwriters get a percentage on the back end?

Do writers have a responsibility to avoid being "offensive"?

Do you actually plot the Protagonist's emotional arc or go with your gut?

Do you need to have an agent to go up for an open writing assignment?

Does a college education have any value to screenwriting? 

Does a logline constitute "unsolicited material"?

Does a mentor character always have to be right?

Does a story absolutely need an antagonist? 

Does a story hook (first 10 pages) have to be suspenseful? 

Does a writer need permission to use public figures in a story?

Does Hollywood even care about making compelling movies anymore?

Does it hurt your chances of working in Hollywood if you start out as a film critic?

Does Tarantino use traditional narrative structure or not? 

Future of the spec script market? 

How about adapting a comic book into a screenplay? 

How and when is it okay to use narration? 

How big of a plot point do I need in the middle of Act One?

How can a movie succeed if characters don't have an arc?

How can a reader find their own voice?

How can I tell if a story idea is better suited for TV or as a movie?

How do I get my script into the marketplace?

How do I go about selling a script if I'm not interested in a screenwriting career?

How do I handle characters speaking in a foreign language?

How do I prepare for a meeting with a possible attachment for my script project?

How can you make up for sending out a script that stinks

How can you tell if a scene is necessary or unnecessary?

How do screenwriters manage their income?

How do you go about writing an adaptation or remake?

How do you know when your script is ready to send out?

How do you read a script (and thoughts in general about script readers)?

How do you write a professional story treatment?

How does an American become a British TV writer?

How far can a writer go with the "similar but different" approach? 

How important is it for writers to analyze screenplays?

How long for a first draft? 

How many scenes does a screenplay have on average? 

How many scripts do you need to write to "get it?" 

How many scripts should you write before you try to sell something? 

How may I approach a favorite screenwriter (since I've got their personal email)?

How much detail should I go into about my story with industry insiders?

How much does a top screenwriter get paid for a rewrite?

How much money is my script worth?

How much of a real life person's life can I use in a script without getting sued?

How much serendipity are we allowed to write in a rom-com? 

How should I query Hollywood agents if I live outside the U.S.?

How to actually sit down and do it (i.e., write a script)? 

How to approach a final draft of a script? 

How to approach prep-writing? 

How to approach writing an anti-hero?

How to approach writing a story with multiple main characters?

How to approach writing comedies and jokes? 

How to balance writing and family time?

How to blend a script's physical journey and emotional journey?

How to build a powerful nemesis? 

How to convey a character's emotional state in scene description? 

How to create genuinely unique character voices?

How to create unforgettable characters? 

How to cut 10 pages from a script (when I don't want to)?

How to decompress after finishing a script? 

How to develop a sense of 'rhythm' in my writing?

How to differentiate between two characters with the exact same name?

How to find a writing partner? 

How to go about querying multiple reps at the same agency?

How to handle a character who changes names? 

How to handle capitalization in scene description? 

How to handle dialogue happening under voice-over?

How to handle insert shots? 

How to handle multiple ideas and the creative process? 

How to handle multiple protagonists? 

How to handle passage of time in a script? 

How to handle POV shots? 

How to handle scene in blackness? 

How to handle writing a musical? 

How to hit the right pace at the script's beginning? 

How to indicate a jump cut?

How to keep from getting stuck in Act Two? 

How to make dialogue sound not like me? 

How to manage time and writing?

How to manage writing vs. networking time? 

How to misdirect a reader in scene description? 

How to parlay advanced screenplay competition into representation?  

How to raise the stakes in the plot?

How to search for and find inspiration movies similar to the story I'm writing? 

How should I handle an event where I will meet a Hollywood writer-producer?

How to work with a manager / agent?

How to write a professional story treatment?

How valuable are script consultants?

How well read (books) does a screenwriter need to be?

If I'm writing and shooting my own movies, are there style and format issues I should be aware of when writing my script?

If my story is based on an actual event, do I need permission from the participants?

If my story's main character is a 'bad guy,' do they need a 'Save the Cat' moment?

If someone wants to option my short script?

Is an 80-page spec script too short? 

Is any exposition scene a "crock of sh*t?

Is it necessary to get an agent to sell a screenplay?

Is it necessary to have scene description before dialogue in a scene?

Is it okay for my spec script to have the same title as another movie? 

Is it okay to have the antagonist drive the plot?

Is it okay to include an image in a spec script?

Is it okay to include specific product names in scripts? 

Is it okay to take more time than normal to set up the story in Act One?

Is it okay to use a pen name when submitting a script?

Is it possible to develop a story from a scene?

Is it possible to have a screenplay without a specific Antagonist character?

Is it true that only 2% of independent films get distribution?

Is it typical to hate your script while you're writing it?

Is it worth it for an aspiring screenwriter to spend some time in LA?

Is January a good time to submit a spec script? 

Is summer a bad time to send out a spec script?

Is the last line in (500) Days of Summer a cheat?

Is the spec script market dead?

Is there a danger of having a 'good' antagonist until the last act?

Is there a difference markeing a script as animation versus live-action? 

Is there a list of bad scripts someone can read to learn what NOT to do? 

Is there a list of writing mantras?

Is there a way I can protect a story that is in the public domain?

Is there an 'aha' moment for a character in terms of their metamorphosis?

Is this a good time to be writing a script aimed at children?

Know any producer or director blogs? 

Miscellaneous #1 

Miscellaneous #2

Now that I've written it, how do I go about selling it? 

Only 'distraction' movies during a recession or is there room for 'realistic' movies?

Should I give away my story's twist ending in a query letter?

Should I reference other movies when pitching my own?

Should I take my name off a script?

Should I write a similar but different script to one that sold last year?

Should I write my story as a screenplay or a graphic novel?

Should we be concerned about profanity in a spec script?

Should we be careful about the genre of movies we watch while writing a script?

Sluglines and character intros?

Structure is character. Agree or disagree, and why?

Tips for writing a 'big' story ending?

TV spec scripts?

Use or don't use title cards?

What about a credit sequence at the beginning of a spec script?

What about a revelation flashback?

What about a script with an all ethnic cast? 

What about ageism and screenwriting?

What about breaking screenwriting style / format rules?

What about capitalizing sounds in spec scripts? 

What about a credit sequence in a spec script?

What about "establishing shots" and "establishing scenes"?

What about a flashback as a 'flashpresent'?

What about introducing the hero?

What about midpoints?

What about soliciting story ideas from people to incorporate into my script?

What about submitting a 187-page script? 

What about recommending a screenwriting course?

What about screenplay page count? 

What about selling a synopsis to Hollywood?

What about showing a character's emotions in action description?

What about soliciting story ideas from people to incorporate into my script?

What about song / song lyrics rights? 

What about story and 'tone poem' movies?

What about the rights to public domain films?

What about the screenwriting program Dramatica?

What about title mash-ups to help pitch a project?

What about using (CONT'D) in separated dialogue?

What about using a flashback / flash-forward as a prologue?

What about using a pseudonym?

What about working with a co-writer? 

What about writing a mockumentary?

What about writing a screenplay and a novel?

What about writing a spec script for an animated movie? 

What about writing a spec with a sequel or trilogy in mind??

What are some good movie analysis websites?

What are some great DVD movie commentaries by screenwriters

What are some keys to developing great characters?

What are some tips working with a writing partner?

What are some key things to look for when rewriting a first draft?

What are some ways to visualize the inner world of a character?

What are the biggest craft and attitude issues holding writers back?

What are the keys to a great opening scene? 

What are the most useful screenwriting books? 

What are the pluses / minuses working with a writing partner?

What are the qualities of a marketable script? 

What can I do if I'm an overwriter?

What do I do if I am less interested in my Protagonist than my other characters?

What do I do if I feel like I've regressed as a storyteller?

What do I do when my Protagonist and plot aren't in sync?

What do I do with a script that is Nicholl quarterfinalist? 

What do I need to do if I want to adapt a book into a screenplay?

What do you think of screenplay competitions?

What does a good story treatment look like?

What does "literary style" mean in terms of writing a screenplay?

What does "pre-awareness title" mean?

What exactly do you mean by "story conceit"?

What exactly is a "script polish"?

What exactly is a "spec script"?

What guidelines are there for using scene headings / primary slug lines?

What if I'm having trouble starting and finishing scripts?

What if I'm not sure I want a career in Hollywood?

What is it like to work with a partner on a script?

What is a treatment versus an outline?

What is a writer's workshop?

What is the best way to master a particular type of dialogue?

What is the market viability of a time travel screenplay?

What is the difference between a montage and a series of shots?

What is the difference between an agent and a literary manager?

What is the protocol in following up after a script submission?

What is the state of the spec script market? 

What kind of chance does a period piece have as a spec script? 

What legal issues should one be aware of when writing a parody?

What makes a great scene?

What measures should a writer take to protect a script?

What questions should I be asking when rewriting a script?

What screenplays and screenwriting books should I read?

What should be on a one-sheet?

What should I do if a project sells in Hollywood that is similar to a script I'm writing?

What to do if I have trouble starting and finishing scripts?

What to do with treatments for a reality TV series?

What's the best way to network in L.A.? 

What's the best way to determine a "helluva good" entertainment lawyer?

What's the best way to teach screenwriting to children? 

What's the best way to write cross-genre movies?

What's the deal with color-coded index cards? 

What's the deal with character archetypes? 

What's the scoop on writer's residuals?

What's the structural difference between a play, a screenplay, and a teleplay? 

What to do when you feel out of touch with your creative energy?

What to do with projects when splitting from a writing partner?

What to do with two characters who serve the same purpose?

What ways are there for a writer to market and promote him/herself?

When can you stop tinkering with a script and finally say "done"?

When is it time to give up a lead?

When is the most appropriate time in a script to handle a character's backstory?

Where to find spec scripts, not shooting scripts, to read and study?

Where to learn more about specific narrative devices?

Where to start when developing a story?

Who is the Nemesis in character-driven films?

Why do main characters in movies almost always die?

Why do some great movies fail at the box office while other succeed?

Would a personal lawyer suffice in lieu of an entertainment lawyer?

Would a studio allow a novice to direct a script they wrote?

Would there be copyright issues on the sale of both an original screenplay and a movie?

Would you support your children pursuing a screenwriting career?