Dispatches from The Quest [Summer 2012]

In May 2012, over 1500 writers submitted nearly 4000 loglines to have the opportunity to work with me in The Quest, a unique 24-week screenwriting workshop [you may learn more here. I selected 8 writers from all the entrants, working with 2 privately and 6 publicly. Members of this latter group write a weekly 'dispatch' about what they have learned and how they are progressing on their screenplay. You may read their dispatches below.

Week 1: Meet the Quest participants

Week 2: Concept

Week 3: Character

Week 4: Style

Week 5: Dialogue

Week 6: Scene

Week 7: Theme

Week 8: Time

Week 9: Prep

Week 10: Prep

Week 11: Prep

Week 12: Prep

Week 13: Prep

For the GoIntoTheStory.com website, hosted by screenwriter Scott Myers, go here.