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Personal Protection and Bodyguard services overview 

For many years, celebrities, politicians, and high profile executives have utilized the services of bodyguards and personal protection specialists.  The best example of this is the Secret Service, who protect the president and the high-ranking officials of the US.  Here in Oklahoma, domestic abuse, stalker situations, and workplace violence have created a need for private citizens to use the services of a bodyguard.  

Last year in the Oklahoma City metro area, there were several high profile crimes involving violent ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, or other relatives.  One of the highest profile of these was of a young girl in Yukon who was stabbed to death by her older ex-boyfriend while the police attempted to apprehend the boyfriend.  This incident, and the many others like it that didn’t make the news tell one story:  domestic violence is growing!!!  Even the Oklahoma Attorney general acknowledges the problem by saying,  “Help is available - all you have to do is ask. It takes strength and courage to escape an abuser.” That could not be more true!!!  Abuse will continue unless YOU do something to stop it.

Some quick facts:

Approximately 25,000 domestic violence cases are reported each year.
    .1% are homicides
    2% are violent sex crimes
Only about 50 % of domestic violence incidents are reported to the police.  ONLY HALF!!!

What can you do???  First and foremost, if you are in danger, call the police.  911 is the fastest way to invoke a police response to an emergency situation.  Second if the police are not available to remain with you throughout the Emergency protective order process, call me.  I can help guide you through the process of getting a protective order and protect you in your home, while you are shopping, and wherever else you may go.  Please do not delay!

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