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For years, the pivate investigator has been a staple of American television.  Shows like Magnum, PI, The Rockford Files, Dog the Bounty Hunter,  and Columbo have all helped to make the reputation of the private investigator.  Private investigators have also been an integral part of American society in other ways, also.  It was a private investigator that solved a murder case in 1997 after the police could not.  Private investigators often donate their time in efforts to locate missing children as well.

The “old school” private investigator (before the computer age) was a part con artist, part police officer, and part animal (instincts.)  Using mainly intuitition, he would begin to observe happenings in whatever case he was working on.  Boots on the street was his main recource to solve a crime or find the cheating spouse.

Today’s private investigator is much different.  Before leaving his office, he often can locate a wealth of data on the internet, and have a working knowledge of the case.  With today’s cameras and listening equipment, the modern private investigator is much more effective.

What does this mean for you?  More bang for your buck!!  Sometimes cases can be solved without much time investment, saving you money and providing you with the proof you need.


Here  is a Wikipedia article that might answer some of your questions about Private Investigators



Before hiring a private investigator, it is always a good idea to check credentials.  In Oklahoma, contact the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training at (405) 239-5110 or click here to visit their website.   Also ensure you are hiring a professional.  Remember, the initial meeting is a job interview.  Analyze the appearance, manner, and overall professionalism of the investigator that you are meeting with.  This investigator might be a large part of your life for the duration of the investigation, so be sure you are hiring the right one.

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