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Our Big Day06.09.07

Wedding Shots 1

Wedding Shots 2

Wedding Shots 3


4 Month Update


Zion and Mesquite

Snowed In

Chicago - The Windy City


Teton National Park

Ring Lake Ranch

Hello all...if you are viewing this page, I suspect you've gotten the link from me.  Come back to visit often, and I'll try and keep it updated for you with new pics and some fun stories. 


<--Here's a shot of me in the early years.  Stylin was the name of the game then, and of course it still is today.

 Welcome to my page.  I originally put it together to put pics up of my and Mary's family in preparation for our wedding, so our families and friends could see pictures of the others to put faces with names.  So I've decided to keep the page and try to update it as often as I can with pictures and stories of what is going on out here in Logan.  

  Here are a few of our engagement shots.  The photographer is amazing, but sometimes the subject makes the picture...I am talking of my lovely wife of course.