Istanbul & Bosphorous

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Above:  A street in Kumkapi - the Armenian Fish market area - two young muscular men - one a Kurd, the other Armenian peered over my shoulder and told me of their plight.  

In the street, We asked for a freshly squeezed orange juice, and got two.  I sample the ubiqitious apple tea and baklava

We took the ferry - zigzagging up the Bosphorous to the mouth of the Black sea.  After a hot hike up the hill, I sketch a Byzantine medieval castle reinforced in 1350 by the Genoese, & later used by the Ottomans.  Unfortunately the site was strewn with litter.

Little boys (between 5 & 12) looking not so cheerful, walk around in the weekend wearing outfits like this.  Sometimes they parade in horse drawn carriages as a treat.  This is their special day for lop and chop - circumcision!