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ANZAC Cove - isn't it incredibly small                                My grandfather & his two brothers fought here.  I feel my Great Uncle Arthur (Wilson), whom my Dad is named after, won't mind me making my poppy marker message for him out of a a beer mat and tie wire - coloured with my sketching pens.  Hopefully a bit of Anzac ingenuity.   I was surprised his name was actually on the limestone memorial itself rather than one of the many panels in the foreground.  He died a week or two after the 25 April landing, on Deadman's Ridge.  I scrambled down the ridge at the Turkish memorial - at the back of the toilets to find the rough location. The Turks call the Gallipoli Campaign the Cannakale War - and with the size of their monuments leave you in no doubt as to who won. For our part the evacuation was brilliantly executed.   It is just as well that we didn't beat Colonel Mustafa Kemal, for all the sweeping reforms he made after the war.

Troy - Horse left behind by the Brad Pitt movie rather than by the Greeks. 

Plaque explains "Brad Pitt stared in this movie" - I guess he did