Sketching attracts the kids interest.  One kept         

                                                                                          addressing me as 'Madame'.  Just behind me, John

 Hail Casear                                                                         of Bible fame is buried under his Basilica

Ephesus amphitheatre - if you dig one up you multiply the seating by 10 to get the population of the city - if you strike a biggie, you'll strike it rich.   To the right is the facade of one of the seven wonders of the world - the Ephesus Library - a tunnel leads from it across to the brothel.

Below is my lesson on the fiddly bits on the top of columns called 'capitals'.  Ionian originated in Turkey - the others tended to be Greek.

A stinking hot day - it reached 52C at Fethiye today                                  The baby carriers of Selcuk

Ephesus pipes utilised egg white and sand as the sealant - see the white rings - wonder how many chooks it took