The calling of St. Andrew

St. Andrew’s is FRIENDLY, very CARING, charitable, very WARM, EMBRACING, CLOSE, very LOVING, SUPPORTIVE, ACCEPTING, TOLERANT, COMFORTABLE, A HAVEN, JOYOUS and HAPPY. The congregation is TIGHT KNIT, UNITED, APPROACHABLE, SINCERE, always remaining POSITIVE, FAITHFUL, WITHOUT CLIQUES and LIKE A FAMILY (We may not be a family church but we are a church family) 

We are distinctly PRESBYTERIAN, our  Scottish roots show but we‘re a diverse blend of people willing to reflect the diverse people of South Africa. We’re EVANGELICAL and SOMEWHAT TRADITIONAL, CONVENTIONAL, INTELLECTUALLY DISCERNING, SPIRITUALLY MATURING AND INDEED VERY BLESSED. We are undoubtedly blessed to be a blessing, we have PURPOSE, we know why we are members of the church and in particular of St. Andrew's.  St. Andrew’s has a fervent MISSIONAL HEART.

The congregation is blessed with several individuals who are gifted evangelists and a strong and Mission minded Women’s Fellowship. 

Involvement of the congregation with, and support of Lions Club charities supports existing ministry in the community rather than reinventing the wheel. 

We have a strong dedicated Session with caring elders. We prefer Biblical expositional preaching based on good exegesis of of the Old and New Testament.

Rev. Brian J. van Niekerk
Session Clerk:
Jean Thomasen

Worship service
Every Sunday at 10:00 
Communion is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month
Venue: Charles Crookes Chapel
At the Methodist Church, Williamson Street, Scottburgh


  St. Andrew


Camp Jonathan

Church of Scotland  UPCSA

Presbyterian Church in America  

Hugenote The Huguenots 

Brian Брайан,
May 9, 2015, 9:27 AM
Brian Брайан,
May 9, 2015, 9:27 AM