Luna (2020)

posted Oct 22, 2020, 8:10 AM by Scott Bickmore   [ updated Mar 3, 2021, 8:33 AM ]

"Luna" 2020, pencil and other materials, [20x30"] 

Paper inherited from artist Bernice Walker, #2pencil (found on street), staples, sheet that distorts things like an image you find in a Cracker Jack box (inherited from Christine Blair in apt. 403), gaffers tape, packing tape, smudging medium, eraser

“I am the river

And the moon,

I am the sun

And the sand”

-Angel Lopez

I took a picture of Luna in front of the mailboxes. Felicia made a black and white print out of the image and I used it to draw this portrait. The plastic sheet is the only thing I had to protect the piece. I had been using it as a lamp shade. That’s why there are remnants of tape on it. The tape was holding it in a cylinder shape.

Luna makes a better bulb. He lights up our days and takes care of us. He’s been teaching me Spanish and I’m trying to help him improve his English. He always welcomes the opportunity to learn English. Give him a few words here and there, if you can. Also, feel free to press this wacky sheet with your fanger. It puts Luna’s face in focus and it’s fun!