BEB "Braille Embroidered Bracelets" (2020)

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"Scott" BEB, 2020, denim, embroidery floss, button, 1x7"

"Scott" BEB, 2020, denim, embroidery floss, button, 1x7"
The Bluebird of Happiness
(denim, embroidery floss, button)

I got the deer for this when I met a few blind people around the same time. It's been too long to retrace my steps. I can't remember why a bracelet. Maybe it was something with name bracelets and feeling awkward meeting these people. I wanted a cool icebreaker feeliescht. Getting a new deer, I talked to anyone who'd listen and Emily Kane was an ear to that deer down the hall. She suggested a "French Knot" because it protruded. She said it was one of the more difficult ones. I liked it for that reason and also because it was French and Braille was French. This particular one might've been a demonstration for the residency I did with this project with Fleisher. It was my name and I was denouementing from BB so I used those couleurs. Juiceman was alive then. When I do something "good" the kitties hang around and get interested. Juicy seemed to like this. 

ll Kickstarter-Video ll 2011

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ll Kickstarter Video ll.mp4

ll Lincoln-Line ll, 2011, video 

ll Lincoln-Line ll took on a few forms. This video was one of them. For a month leading up to the Kickstarter deadline I performed every night at a different venue or on the street, sometimes with other people or just alone.

Luna (2020)

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"Luna" 2020, pencil and other materials, [20x30"] 

Paper inherited from artist Bernice Walker, #2pencil (found on street), staples, sheet that distorts things like an image you find in a Cracker Jack box (inherited from Christine Blair in apt. 403), gaffers tape, packing tape, smudging medium, eraser

“I am the river

And the moon,

I am the sun

And the sand”

-Angel Lopez

I took a picture of Luna in front of the mailboxes. Felicia made a black and white print out of the image and I used it to draw this portrait. The plastic sheet is the only thing I had to protect the piece. I had been using it as a lamp shade. That’s why there are remnants of tape on it. The tape was holding it in a cylinder shape.

Luna makes a better bulb. He lights up our days and takes care of us. He’s been teaching me Spanish and I’m trying to help him improve his English. He always welcomes the opportunity to learn English. Give him a few words here and there, if you can. Also, feel free to press this wacky sheet with your fanger. It puts Luna’s face in focus and it’s fun!

America et Al. (2018)

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"America et. Al" 2018, jpeg, variable

Al wanted to sell me this bike outside of Family Dollar. He was carrying it around with him on his cart. He wanted $20. He said he was a dancer and homeless, and needed money for food. "If you come back on Monday I'll paint it for you", he told me. "You can watch me do it." He wanted the money then and promised to show up. I gave him $2 for food and agreed to meet him on Monday at noon. Before I left, I asked to take a picture of the bike. He started grabbing things off his cart and arranged this display in a 30 sec fervor of fussing and deliberation, insisting on this presentation until it was "ok." I came back on Monday, waited about a half hour, and never saw him.

Poseidon Project - Blue Monochrome (2014-)

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Blue Monochrome Poseidon Fleisher Exhibition Boy
Poseidon Project (2014-present) Fabric, approx. 6x9' (dimensions expanding)

Anytime there's an option for color, I opt for one or the minimum. For some reason more colors stress me out, especially when they’re unnecessary or have no particular feeling or purpose for being there. This blue monochrome comes from the Poseidon Scarf the Anthropology girls were telling me about when I was setting up a crochet circle for the Sewing Circle. I proposed this to Fleisher and the Teens accepted me. Their coordinator wrote about it better than I could have.

“The Poseidon Project is a study of found materials and crochet, of repetition and mindfulness. Over the course of 4 weeks, students were taught to and asked to tear, sort, and hand crochet long blue strands. Artist Scott Bickmore encouraged students to connect with one another while engaging in the meditative act of repetition. The goal was to produce as many strands as we could in 4 weeks to install a great “wave” using recycled material.”

Maryan Captan

It went to The Resource Exchange after that and got bigger with a workshop. Right now it's hanging here in the 4th floor hallway of the Coral Street Arts House.

Monochromes Ad/Logo (2010)

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Monochromes Project_logo_ad
   "Monochromes Ad/Logo" (2009) Internet images, Photoshop, size variable
I forget why I felt the need to make this. I think it might have just come from another conversation, with Regina this time. Or, I was getting some momentum at this point and wanted to look more professional. Anyway, Regina was always a little retro, with her style, her shop Grasshopper, and her ginger, Rita Hayworth way about her. So maybe that led me to think about Kodachrome, and those funny TV ads, which we qualified for, since we'd been on TV with the project.

Glass-Ring (2018)

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   Glass-Ring (2018), car window, bottle cap, hardware, krazy glue, 2x2"
   Glass-Ring (2018), car window, bottle cap, hardware, krazy glue, 2x2"

I started collecting hardware in and around Kensington on a walk one day with a certifiable scavenger, Cipro. For about 6 months I would find gems dropped on the street like God hisself left them there. Other parts of the city weren't as rich, if at all. There's something about this area that's spiritual, like it's sacred ground or something. I ended up throwing out most of my collection. It felt like the material outweighed this AM · U · LET idea. I like the ring, though. It kind of reminds me of high school and being homecoming king. I like to imagine it complementing an elegant evening gown.

The Heart is in the Chest (2019)

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The Heart is in the Chest (2019)

The Heart is in the Chest (2019), Factory floor boards, Victoria's Secret Love perfume, 16x32x16"

My girlfriend in high school wore this perfume. Anything that signaled “her” made me insane, especially her smell. After my last real relationship, I moved into an old textile mill in Kensington. They gutted the floors and I used the torn up boards to build most of my furniture, including this chest.

Re(a)d (2003-2017)

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                   Read, 2003-2017, used books, wood, screws, ink, paint, 15x25"
I started this when I was doing commissions like Cyrano de Bergerac. My partner at the time worked in sales for a biotech company. She told her colleagues she made artwork. They wanted it for their homes and offices, so I made what I thought they wanted, and we sold some under her name. After making a few, I was getting frustrated with paint and the idea of using paint. I wanted to make monochromes still, but in other ways, I guess, with different pigment. I don't remember why I chose books with red gilding at first but, in any case, I collected enough of these used books to make a decent sized painting for my partner's boss. Before I got much further, either or both of their industry half-lives expired. So I just kept the books, shelving the idea. 

About 7 years later, I was working with the Piazza and Mural Arts. I wanted to collect 1000 of these books altogether and stack them publicly in a Jenga/Rothko/Public Library/Literacy-initiative-like scenario. Both parties were initially enthusiastic about this proposal but nothing ever came of it. 

The books went back to the shelf for another 7 years. Finally, while ["sparking joy"] around my place one day--finding these read books again and pressed to decide their fate once and for all--I chose to give them this incarnation and the significance that: wanting to do something usually ends up done sooner or later.

3zvw, cans (2017)

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3zvw, cans, 2017, spray paint, paper, tape, paint marker, 5x6'
I had a box of spray paint I got from the Mummers. Steve was staying over Christmas Eve. He fell asleep and I was up and antsy and wanting to see what it would look like doing brain on top of brain on top of (...) Most of the cans were fucked and spraying everywhere. They were old and oil based and making a toxic, sticky mess. That was the last time I used spray paint. I used up everything and ended up with this red at the end.

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