About Scott

Born on March 12, 1985, Scott grew up playing games, sports, and pranks of all kinds with his family, eager to be in on all the action. As an infant, he broke out of his play pen not once, but twice! His parents realized then and there that there would be no holding him back! As Scott continued his playful nature, he would also develop the competitive essence that would so define his later life. Growing up the middle of three brothers, Scott would excel in league and varsity sports throughout his schooling years. He was a member of countless cup and travel soccer teams, as well as the Trinity High School Boys Varsity soccer team during his four years wearing the Hiller colors.

Upon graduating in 2003, Scott would travel a short distance down Interstate 79 to Waynesburg where he would continue his educational and athletic pursuits. He would graduate from Waynesburg University with a degree in Mathematics in 2007. After graduation, he worked as a substitute teacher in a variety of subjects, even using his elective French coursework from his high school and college years to become a long term substitute for a French teacher at Washington High School. He was also a private tutor for students in all mathematical disciplines, as well as helping students prepare for standardized testing.

As a young professional, Scott was introduced to what would become his favorite pastime and greatest passion: competitive running. Through friends, Scott became involved in the Washington County Road Runners Club, participating annually in a variety of community, fund raising, and memorial 5K races. He would also extend his mileage to compete in the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay and the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, the latter being his very first marathon, completed in just 3:46.

The outpouring of support during Scott’s illness and at his passing opened our eyes to just how many lives he touched in his 26 short years. The Scott A. Garet Memorial Foundation was created in an endeavor to increase awareness, raise funds, and allow Scott to continue impacting lives, albeit from afar.