General (mostly forum posts, some in Scots)

Shetlandic - on nomenclature

Shetland Scots? - on the relationship of the Shetland tongue to Scots.

MicroShetland - Shetland as a microcosm of Scotland.

Verse and Prose

Sheltie Prattle - a pantomime.

Reffelation - verse.

Magnie the Sheltie - a pseudoplay.

Swaara - a future radio interview.

Odyssey - a Shetlandic translation of Homer's Odyssey, lines 1-75


          Magnus's Opium - areas relevant to the study of Shetlandic.

Shaetlan is Daed - a conference paper.

The Study of Shetlandic - Article on tendencies in the study of Shetlandic.

Shetland Pronunciation - a concise guide to Shetland pronunciation.

Some Characteristics of the Shetlandic Vowel System - an article written for the academic periodical Scottish Language

Shetland Identity and (The) (Sh(a)etlan(d(ic))) (D/dialect) - an article written for Shetland Life magazine in 2007.

My old website on Shetlandic - download

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