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Ashton (4) & Ellektra (2)  

Scot's Stuff:

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5/25/10-  Currently we are in San Diego looking to buy our first house. We have put in lots of offers but no takers yet. We'll post pictures when we know more.





  Ashton's News:

Ashton has started 1st grade this year. He is doing very well. He is making new friends all the time

The Kids Stuff 


Our Wedding, June 22

 Married in the Boise, ID Temple


Famliy & Friends


                                            Christmas 2008

                   Checking out the lights at the Salt Lake Temple

 Vacationing at Red Fish Lake, 2008.

Valerie & the kids camping at Red Fish Lake.



 Hiking with the family

Christmas 2007  

 Scot, Valerie, Jason, & Alisha

Scot's 1st degree, B.S.Human & Microbiology

(Scot & his Dad)

Ashton & Ellektra on Halloween

The kids coloring  

On our way to church 

 Headlamp fun

 Elle' after a nap



Winter 2008 


Spencer & Ashton, Fall 2006




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Ellektra's News:

Ellektra is getting so big & smart. She will be able to start pre-school in the fall.

The Kids Stuff