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"If you are looking for a preschool for your child I suggest you make Garden of Learning part of that search. I can’t imagine anyplace better for our twin girls.

We did our homework, visiting several childcares & preschools, and researching many on line etc. Price and location were secondary in our selection process, but a huge bonus when we chose to leave our girls in Scotia’s care. The transition was easy because our girls were so happy. Now they come home and you see the daily improvement in the crafts they make, the words they use, and all the things that they learn that they are all too happy to share with Mommy and Daddy. We were a bit weary of the larger “corporate” type care facilities. We were looking for them to prepare scholastically for “big kid” school as well as enabling us to continue with “adult life.” We wanted their care to be catered to them individually, and not by a policy set forth from someone who had never met them. Our experience has been phenomenal!

The hardest part has been accepting that your baby girls are growing up and need more than just the love of their parents.  Every day we get a written synopsis of their day that helps us feel involved. It’s not always easy getting our girls up and out the door in the morning, but not nearly as hard as it is to get them to leave the Garden of Learning in the afternoon.  

  • When we were looking for a daycare that focused on early learning, we received many recommendations for Garden of Learning. We have been pleased to see how our son has blossomed since starting there. He immediately started to impress us at home with what he has learned at GOL while having fun and building his social skills with the other children at the school. As a bonus, our child gets to engage with nature in an amazing outdoor area!

    Our 6-year-old also spent the summer there and loved her time, as well. She really enjoyed the crafts and field trips they took. Scotia and her team provide a learning environment which is kind, safe and fosters curiosity and a sense of connection to nature and to each other. We have been very pleased with our decision to join GOL and would recommend this school to anyone who wants their preschool aged child to be prepared to enter kindergarten.  

  • We loved Garden of Learning and we felt that it prepared our daughter for Kindergarten socially and academically. She started Kindergarten already reading!

  • The student-to-teacher ratio is ideal, and the attention that the teachers spend with each child is invaluable.

  • We loved Miss Scotia and all of the teachers! They really know all the kids and work with them individually.

  • It is truly my pleasure to recommend Garden of Learning Preschool! My son was the first student enrolled at the school. I have watched him blossom tremendously in his time there. The school curriculum is very tailored to fit his needs. The instructors work closely with him on issues he struggles with, such as transitions, by using calm directions. His strengths, such as reading and math are nurtured, so he is challenged. He feels very safe and loved at his school. The children are nourished with healthy and fun snack choices and get to play outside often, which is important to their development. The daily tasks are varied and stimulating, covering a wide variety of topics. The children are encouraged to be themselves and express their individuality."