Garden of Learning Frederick Maryland Preschool Childcare Center

Scotia Mortensen is Director and Head Teacher of Garden of Learning. Scotia holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Towson University. She is certified as an early childhood educator by the MD State Dept. of Education. Ms. Mortensen also holds CPR and First Aide certifications.

Scotia has 11 years of experience as a pre-school teacher. During that time, she taught children age 2 thru 5. Before selecting pre-school as her field, Scotia worked as a substitute teacher with children in elementary through high school in Frederick County and Baltimore County public schools. She worked as an Arts & Crafts Teacher in summer camp with elementary and middle school children. Scotia also worked as an after-school nanny in Baltimore County. She always enjoyed her baby brother, and began babysitting as a teenager.

These years of education and experience have resulted in Scotia's determination to offer a high quality learning program for children in her care. Scotia approaches her work with children with genuine appreciation of their creativity, individualism, and wonderful humor.

                                                                                  Mortensen Garden of Learning Frederick Maryland Preschool Childcare 
Tena Meadows O'Rear volunteers as an Aide in Garden of Learning and assists with business operations. She brings far-reaching experience in organizational operations and management consulting to support Garden of Learning as it starts up. Throughout her years as a career professional, Tena’s role as parent to Scotia and Scotia’s sister and brother has always been a top priority. She loves children, and her warm personality and humor help her naturally connect with them.

When Scotia was three years old, Tena and a couple of her friends started a parent co-operative preschool in Myersville. Tena served as the preschool’s first Chair of the Board, and a teacher. Soon after, Tena was one of a group of energetic friends who started the Common Market in Frederick. In 1978, Tena and her husband Grady co-founded Way Station, Inc. in Frederick, and later, when her consulting work went into full-swing, she helped three schools for children with special needs develop their standards of operation and staff training programs.