Photo Gallery

  • Our playground feels like a park surrounded by huge shade trees. 
  • Children enjoy swinging toward the huge arborvitae tree, and even touching their toes when they swing high enough. 
  • The sidewalk along the entranceway next to the native flower garden is the best place for riding bikes and scooters. 
  • Children also enjoy climbing on the monkey bars, and jamming on our big musical pipes. 
  • In warm weather, the tepee is a luminous orange.
  • The sliding board is popular, and everyone loves the sandbox; children use the sides as balance beams - they are really improving their balance while walking the sides! Kids visit the climbing wall regularly, climbing up using their hands and feet, then climbing down backwards! 
  • The maze is in place and kids regularly visit, first to find their way through, then to run through, then to walk through backwards --- we'll see what comes next!