Children are naturally curious, so learning is a joyful, fun experience.


Children need to be creative, therefore we provide daily activities that involve the arts; drawing, painting, music and movement, singing, and imaginative play.


Young children learn through “hands-on” experiences, so we actively involve them in science experiments, cooking, field trips, and building, to name a few.


Children perceive the world through their senses; we emphasize sensory development through a variety of enjoyable activities.


Young children need plenty of fresh air and exercise, so we offer outdoor play twice daily, along with daily music and movement.  Also, we reinforce learning concepts in the natural environment.


Playtime is an extension of learning: we offer learning centers that engage our children and help make learning fun. We also prioritize playtime each and every day.


We are a child-centered program, therefore the happiness, safety, and success of each child is our primary concern.


Children are always cared for with warmth and respect.


We teach the whole child academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.


It is the teacher’s job to meet each child at his or her own level, in order to help each child advance.


Healthy children learn best. Garden of Learning serves organic food, uses all-natural cleaning products, and manages the site organically.


A child’s social and emotional development is as significant as academic achievement. Rules and expectations must be clear and consistent. Our staff teach problem-solving skills through modeling, role-plays, thematic units, praise and positive reinforcement, and a monthly focus on character development traits. 


Building a strong community is an important mission of our center. This means frequent and open communication among parents, children and staff.

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Aug 30, 2011, 5:14 PM