Safety and Security

Staff Requirements
In accordance with licensing requirements all teachers and aides complete a criminal background check, as well as a reference check.

We work closely with all staff and volunteers to ensure that they are able to maintain our high standards.

We have a no-tolerance policy for any rough or harmful treatment of children.
Healthy Environment 
Playground Maintenance: Garden of Learning playground is organically managed; no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are used to maintain the site.
Building Construction & MaintenanceThe building interior is spacious and well-ventilated with lots of daylight. It is clean and maintained using natural cleaning products. The building is constructed with natural materials, such as natural linoleum and wood floors, painted with low VOC paint. No toxic pest controls are applied to the interior or exterior of the building, or building site.
   Cleaning ProductsGarden of Learning maintains an           excellent standard of cleaning. On a daily basis, general    cleaning occurs. On a weekly basis, interior surfaces,        manipulatives, and toys are thoroughly cleaned.                  

RecordsRecords related to your child are considered confidential; this includes enrollment, health, educational progress, and payment records. Records are stored in a locked cabinet for security purposes, and are released only to a child’s parent/guardian and childcare licensing personnel.
PhotographsWe only take pictures of children to decorate our center, or share with parents. Unless we have a parent’s written permission, we do not post pictures of children on our website.