Daily Reports describe major activities & give parents an overall “snapshot” of  their child’s day


Open Door Policy means our parents/guardians are invited visit Garden of Learning whenever they wish


Parent/Teacher Conferences occur twice each year


“What’s Growin’ In Our Garden?” is our quarterly newsletter that highlights major events from the prior quarter, upcoming activities, helpful resources, and input we are seeking from parents


Community building is important to us. We want to take full advantage of our cozy, little center and create community through: 

           * Open House to mingle and get to know one another
           * Family Nights, featuring programs or activities, offered                           throughout the year
           * Seasonal parties and festivals
           * Community Service opportunities for families to contribute                     together
           * Parent Volunteer opportunities in Garden of Learning -                           - whether reading a story or helping to plant vegetables, there               is lots to do for people with a variety of skills – we work                         together