Daily Schedule
The overall schedule remains consistent from day to day. However, we maintain flexibility in the schedule to adjust for the needs of children and staff. 
6:00    Garden of Learning opens Monday-Friday 
           Learning centers, free play, guided activities
7:00    Breakfast for Before School children
9:00    Preschool morning snack
9:30    Circle Time 
9:45    Art
10:15  Learning centers, free play, guided activities
10:40  Math
11:05  Science
11:25  Get ready to go outside
11:30  Outdoor play; if weather does not permit,                       indoor music & movement
Noon    Lunch
12:30  Quiet activity (blocks, puzzles, Legos, etc.)
1:00    Literacy
1:30    Nap
3:00    After School children begin arriving
3:30    Afternoon snack; get ready to go outside
4:00    Outdoor play; if weather does not permit, 
           indoor music & movement
5:15    Closing discussion
5:30    Learning centers, free play, guided activities
6:00    Garden of Learning closes
Curriculum Description
Individualized & group instruction, with excellent student/teacher ratio  
Learning objectives align with preparation for Frederick County Public School Kindergarten curriculum 
Ongoing formal & informal assessment to evaluate each child’s strengths, weaknesses, & preferred learning styles
Strong focus on social & emotional development including:
  • Problem solving & conflict resolution strategies
  • Monthly focus on key areas of social/emotional             development
  • Self-help skill development
  • Multicultural appreciation activities & themes
"Hands-on" learning activities such as cooking, scientific experiments, arts & crafts
Emphasis on developing a love for nature through tree climbing, recycling, gardening, quiet time in the tepee, walking the grass maze, playing the outdoor bamboo pipes, and bird & insect observation
Daily activities in literacy, art, math, science, music, & movement incorporated with a weekly theme
Engaging learning & dramatic play centers
Outdoor playtime twice per day in the naturalistic playground, with flexibility in the schedule to extend science to the outdoors
No TV watching at Garden of Learning
Parent/teacher conferences twice per year
4 field trips each year
Guest presentations