Search and zoom (supports Gaelic place names - e.g. 'Inbhir Nis')
I've created a little 'search and zoom' tool that you can use to quickly and easily find an area of Scotland you are interested in. I can't embed this in the main site so the link above takes you to a separate web page at my University of Sheffield domain. This is also a useful tool if you want to compare places because you can quickly pan between locations using the 'Search' button. The map resets to Edinburgh if you click the 'Reset map' button. You can enter a place name, the name of a neighhbourhood, a postcode or even a full street address. I modified this code to create the page.

The default appearance of the maps I'm using here is such that the colourful SIMD layer is about 50% transparent. This means that you can see through to the base mapping below but sometimes there are problems of visual occlusion where it would be handy if you could turn the SIMD layer off. That's why I created this tool. As in the case of 'search and zoom' above, I couldn't embed it here so I've put it on my University of Sheffield web space. If you want to know how to do this yourself, look at this Google groups thread.

I hope you find these tools useful.