If you are having problems getting this site to work properly it is probably due to one of the of following reasons...

1. Too many people are trying to access the site at the same time (unlikely, but I can dream).

2. The people at Google have made changes to the Fusion Table technology which makes this site work (unlikely, but not unheard of).

3. You are using an old web browser (such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8) - if you're using one of these and a window pops up when the site loads, click 'No' instead of 'Yes'. If you don't do this the little graphs will not appear when you click on an area.

4. You have a slow internet connection.

5. I have made some kind of catastrophic mistake that was not spotted during the test phase (low probability, but always possible)

6. You forgot to turn your computer on.

If something really is going wrong you can always contact me, via the About page.