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Contacts: e-mail - Lovedrive1979@yahoo.com, skype - Blackout1987, T: +371 29924174

Trading notes:

1) I trade CD-R’s one-for-one, 1 DVD for 2 CD-R’s;
2) If you request a trade or contact me first and we haven't traded before, you send first and vice versa;
3) Shows marked "Not For Trade" are not available for trade. Inquiries about those shows will be ignored;
4) Please use name brand discs in jewel case such as Verbatim AZO Crystal, TDK, SONY, FUJIFILM, Maxell or Memorex;
5) Don't write discs in Track-At-Once (TAO). I use only Disc-At-Once (DAO), without exceptions!!
6) Please don't burn the discs with maximal speed!! Use slow speed no more than 8-16x;
7) I don't collect mp3's anymore, so please inform me if you have any stuff what I choose in this format type.

I prefer to trade through www.sendspace.com or other upload services!!

TRADE STATUS: Only limited trades because of residence change.