Discovery of South America

Invitation to cooperate in this project                             ITALIAN


Dear readers,

I am not a historian, but I have a strong interest in the history of geographical discoveries and I like to follow up studies specialists are developing on this topic.

I have a scientific background and, for professional deformation, even in a field, that historic, which is not mine, I try to apply the same rigour, using original documents and attempting an objective analysis.

I am aware that the history of the first discoveries and explorations of South America is a topic of staggering breadth and extremely controversial and, consequently, I think that a working group with all those who want to participate, may be useful to produce any significant result. Consider the articles of this site as part of a project to which everyone can bring his contribution.

If you want to contribute with an article, I will be happy to publish on this site with your name. I hope that the specialists, academic and not, want to participate.


I thank you for paying attention to this proposal.

My most cordial greetings.

Ferdinando Lombardo

Today, November 5, 2010, I added a few lines (text in red) in the section Ojeda, de la Cosa and Vespucci, helping in stating the exactitude of the determination of longitude of Vespucci




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