At Monash Business School
  • Semester 2 2015 - Global Banking

At Washington University in St. Louis
  • Economics and Policies of the European Union - Dean's teaching fellowship course - syllabus.pdf
  • International Business & the Economics of Multinational Corporations - syllabus.pdf
  • International Monetary Economics - syllabus.pdf
  • International Trade - syllabus.pdf
Invited Lecturer
  • Bocconi - Ph.D. in International Economics Law
  • International Institutions - Module on "Poverty Reduction Strategies of the World Bank/IMF"
  • International Trade - Module on "Trade and Poverty"
  • European Youth School 2002
  • Economics of the European Integration - Organized by ISPI-Milan and University of Modena
Teaching Assistant
  • At JHU: Elements of Macroeconomics, Elements of Microeconomics, Research in Economics of Financial Markets, Financial Investment and Portfolio Analysis
  • At the University of Bologna at Forl√≠: International Economics
  • At Bocconi: Macroeconomics (Degree in Business and Economics), Macroeconomics (Degree in Economics), The Economics of European Integration, European Economic Policy

CFA (Little Rock), American Committees on Foreign Relations (St. Louis), American Committees on Foreign Relations (Louisville), Rotary Club (Mexico, Mo)