About Me:
  I am currently a research economist in the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Missouri) and an adjunct lecturer in the Economics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

In July 2015, I'm joining the Monash Business School in Melbourne (Australia).

My research, teaching, and policy interest are international economics, macro-finance and banking.

CV and contact:
Federal Research Bank of St. Louis
Research Division
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis  - 63166-0442 MO USA

Phone: 314-444-7410

Research in progress - with or without drafts
  • Aggregate Shocks and the Two Sides of Credit Reallocation, with Riccardo di Cecio and Johanna Francis, January 2015 draft, for an updated draft please email.
  • Credit reallocation and crisis,  with Riccardo di Cecio and Johanna Francis
  • Global Inflation, with Riccardo Di Cecio and Chris Otrok
  • Bubbles, with Pierangelo De Pace and Massimo Guidolin
Recent policy-oriented pieces or research with policy content:

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