About me:
I am an economist in the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and an adjunct lecturer in the Economics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

My primary research and teaching interests are in international economics and macro/finance/b


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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E-mail: silvio.contessi
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Midwest Macro Meeting at Mizzou: Program coming soon


Aggregate Shocks and the Two Sides of Credit Reallocation, with Riccardo Di Cecio and Johanna Francis, April 2014 draft available, please email if interested (to be) presented at MO-EC @Mizzou, CEF @Oslo, WEA @Denver, SEA@Atlanta, MMM@Mizzou, UC Boulder, seminar UC_Santa Cruz brown bag. IAAE @London

An International Perspective on the Recent Behavior or Inflation, with Li Li and Pierangelo De Pace,
April 2014 draft available, please email if interested
How did the Financial Crisis Alter the Correlations of U.S. Yield Spreads? 
with Massimo Guidolin and Pierangelo De Pace 
revised March 2014, resubmiitted, to be presented at MO-EC, SNDE @Baruch, CEF @Oslo, WEA @Denver, SEA @Aatlanta        

What do we Know about the Relationship between Access to Finance and International Tradewith Francesca De Nicola

Policy Oriented Updates:

Lowflation in advanced economies

Debt Crisis in Europe is Easing, but Stability Remains a Long Way Off,  with Li Li, April 2014.

Around The World, Gender Gaps in Ebb and Flow, with Li Li, January 2014.

Bank vs. Bond Financing Over the Business Cycle, with Li Li and Katheryn Russ
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Synopses, 2013, No. 31.
December 2013

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