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Hurricane Junior Musical Theater

A few years ago, rather than make a bunch of useless extra money, I created Hurricane Junior Musical Theater.  The group doesn't really exist officially.  I mean, the IRS doesn't know about us and we don't have a FaceBook page so I guess we don't really exist but this non-existent group has done some fine work.  I have enlisted the labors of some very talented help in the form of Kyle Turman, Kimber Worwood, and McKenzie Drawe.  These kids have done much of the directing, particularly McKenzie has done tons of work and made the shows amazing!

I purchased the rights to perform "The Music Man jr.".  Only two boys showed up for auditions so we quickly punted and purchased rights to "Annie jr.," which I knew we could do with only a few boys.  One kid played about 6 different male characters, it was cool.  The show was a pretty good success.

Since I already had "The Music Man jr" from the year before, we pulled it off the shelf and gave it a go.  We had 30 some kids show up for auditions and pulled a few more in after auditions.  We ended up with around 40 kids in the show and had a blast.  They were so cute!  It was an awesome performance.

After considering many options, I decided to give "Willy Wonka jr." a try.  So far the show is looking good.  We've got some great talent and again wonderful work of McKenzie as choreographer/director.  Looking forward to June 25,26, 27 for a great show!

It was a great show!  Everything came together beyond my expectations.  The only thing lacking was a huge audience.  Still working on that one but hey, having fun and putting up a good performance is what the jr. theater is all about.

HONK! jr. was a hit!  Our new director, Sherri Behunin did a great job with the show.  I've started taking a smaller role in the shows and hope that Sherri will keep HJMT going in the future.

HJMT has been adopted!  We are now a semi-official organization.  The Hurricane Arts Alliance has brought us in as part of their organization.  We now have a support group to help get our shows advertised an produced.  Hurray for progress!

Seussical was the best way I can think of to finish my efforts at HJMT.  The cast was stunning, the parents were marvelous, the crowd was awesome!  I can't say enough about how great this show was.  I feel so excited that the theater group is finally catching on and so sad that my path has led me away from Hurricane.  Maybe I'll get back there some day and watch a show, I hope.