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Coven Goals

Our main goal is the spiritual development of our inner divinity. To accomplish this we know it takes more than just our scholarly approach. Today’s society works long and hard to suppress the ideas listed above. It takes a true desire and discipline to set free what is inside those of us who find truth in those words by Margot Adler. To quote Thales when asked what is the hardest obstacle for man, Thales answered “To know thyself”. So the first step is not only to learn but to heal thy self. It is only then that one can begin to open up ones mind to all the possibilities. That healing of oneself, has led us to decide and focus our energies on the healing arts.

    We also know it is just not us who needs healing, it is the land as well. That is why we have established a covenstead on 22 acres. It is a place to gather, exchange ideas, be with the land, re-charge oneself with the energy of the land and return some of yours back to the land as well. After all, we are a part of nature and nature a part of us. It is this contact with the land that is at the heart of our path. We get to see and feel the changes of the seasons, the turning of the wheel first hand and this is what we celebrate together and thus keep alive the spirit of the Old Ways.