About Us

    OakShade was created on Ostara in 1998.  It was created with the intent that the Old Ways would still live through us, continue to evolve and bear new growth in this modern world. To us, the old ways are the celebrations of the seasonal cycles of nature just as our ancestors did, not so very long ago. To them it meant either life or death by knowing the land, the cycle of nature, being one with the Earth. It is in that spirit of that initial undertaking that we have strived to keep the Old Ways alive. What has always been at the core of OakShade and all modern Earth based spirituality was so aptly described in the preface of the revised edition of the book “Drawing Down the Moon” by Margot Adler. In it she stated that the basic thoughts of all Pagans are thus:

The world is holy. Nature is holy. The body is holy. Sexuality is holy. The mind is holy. The imagination is holy. You are holy. A spiritual path that is not stagnant ultimately leads one to the understanding of one’s own divine nature. Thou art Goddess. Thou art God. Divinity is imminent in all Nature. It is as much within you as without.

    It is to that purpose that OakShade came to be. So we of like mind and desire could come together and express those concepts in the spirit of the Old Ways. The roots of our practices stem back to the groups that brought Neo-Paganism into the lime-light in England some 60 odd years ago. Just like those groups and in the spirit of the “Old Ways” who took the knowledge gained from those before them. We have taken that work as a base and while not abandoning it, have built upon it, molding that great body of work to represent who and what we are.

    To further define us one could say we work with a Celtic based pantheon, though we value the many pantheons and mythologies throughout the world. We are priests and priestesses that try and follow in the ancient footsteps of our European brother’s and sisters in honoring the Great Mother and her consort. We value tradition and have traditionalist practices at our core. We hold that the divine is within all things and as such respected, with our goal being the realization of that inner divinity and its spiritual growth. We hold with the three fold law and with the rede “If ye harm none do what ye will”. We aim to enact our laws with purpose and reasoning, not with blind faith in the traditions of our lineage. We are not afraid of change and as we learn from experience will not hesitate to do so when warranted. With a solid foundation built by members past and present we continue to evolve and grow as the gods guide us.