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The following thoughts are from Bob Sitter. 




                I have been asked by the Sunshine Coast Natural History Society to record my thoughts regarding creating an inventory of “Notable Trees” on the Lower Sunshine Coast.  Notable trees are remarkable (ie Notable) because they are: very large for their species, or very old, or have extraordinary featureshistorylocation, or rarity.


Why have an inventory of “Notable” trees?

                There are two reasons why an inventory of Notable trees is important; firstly, to ensure their conservation, and secondly to provide added interest for local naturalists and the outdoor community. I believe this inventory is an appropriate initiative for the Sunshine Coast Natural History Society (SCNHS).

It is very much in keeping with Nature B.C.’s motto “To know nature and to keep in worth knowing.”


How would the inventory work?

                The SCNHS could take the initiative by:

1)      Creating a standard format for recording and reporting data on Notable trees

2)      Publicizing the existence of the inventory in the SCNHS newsletter

3)      Receiving proposals from SCNHS members and the general public

4)      Screening, verifying and recording the proposed Notable trees

5)      Providing a permanent record of the inventory of Notable Trees


Example of Information Needed to Record a Notable Tree


Species (common name and scientific name)

Why this tree is a “Notable Tree” candidate

Location      - closeness to a particular trail, geological feature, and best access

                                       -Latitude, Longitude, Elevation

                Description - diameter (or circumference) at 1.4m. above point of germination

                                       - height in meters

                                       - living or dead snag

                                       - estimated age

                                       - extraordinary features



See page 2 for a partial list of Notable Trees on the Sunshine Coast



Bob Sitter (,  04/24/2016




Partial List of Candidate Notable Trees


Douglas Firs:

                1) HMB ancient tree on Sky High hiking trail

                2) Big Tree Grove

                3) Giant tree near Leaning Tree Road and Sunshine Coast Hwy

                4) Some at Hidden Grove, East Porpoise Bay Rd.

Amabilis Fir ?

Grand  Fir – Large Candidate north of Sergeants Bay Prov. Park

Western Red Cedar –Many possibilities

Yellow Cedar- Above 1000m on Sechelt Peninsula, Tetrahedron Plateau, many possibilities

Western Hemlock-where is the largest?

Mountain Hemlock- possibilties above 1000m.

Sitka Spruce- examples in Sechelt marsh, but where is largest?

Western White Pine- good example at south Porpoise Bay

Lodgepole Pine Grove- examples on Triangle Lake trails or Sky High trail

Red Alder- ?

Sitka Alder?

Arbutus- many possibilities, including a forest of Arbutus on Mt Richardson’s south slope

Bitter Cherry- ?

Cottonwood- ?

Pacific Dogwood?

Pacific Yew?

Pacific Crab Apple- great example of large specimen in East Porpoise Bay Campsite.

Rocky Mountain Juniper- great example in northern part of Smuggler’s Cove

Big Leaf Maple- Gnarly example on Kitchen Creek trail, Halfmoon Bay

Other Maples ?







This proposed inventory of Notable trees could be extended to include other forest plants- perhaps, firstly shrubs, then wildflowers, ferns, grasses, mushrooms, fungi and all smaller plants.