Stoney Creek Model Railroad Club Member Layouts

A list of some of our member's layouts

Here is a list of all of our member's layouts, click the layout name for a more pictures and a description of the railroad.

Rail Road Name
Bedford Junction
 Bedford Junction RR models the B&M and MEC during the steam-diesel transition era, a time when the B&M and MEC operated under joint administration.
Boston and Maine
 A 1955 New England point-to-point layout.
Grandsons Railroad
 A fun layout for entertaining the grandkids.
MIO Railroad
 A 1960-1970's N scale shelf layout with mixed passenger & freight.
 Port Huron Northern
 Located in the Thumb of Michigan, this is a mixed use railroad.
 Sugar Spring Mining Co
 A 1890's Colorado HO-HOn3 railroad with mines and high country - those grades are steep.
 Winslow to North Platte
 The Winslow to North Platte Railroad was built for point to point operation.  It is set in the 1950 era when both steam and  diesel  were common especially during heavy traffic seasons.
 Roger's Layout
 This is a large modern day inter-modal freelance concept with lots of yards, industry and neat stuff.
 Gil's Layout
 A South Western US transition railroad.
 Stoney Creek Club Modules
 Stoney Creek Model Railroad Club modules
 Downtown Rochester Project
 A club project to recreate downtown Rochester in HO scale.