Stoney Creek Model Railroad Club Profile

Welcome to the Stoney Creek Model Railroad Club, a 100% NMRA club!
Who we are

The Stoney Creek Model Railroad Club was started in 1969 by a group of model railroaders with similar interests. Because our club is recognized by the NMRA as a 100% NMRA Club, all members must belong to the NMRA and maintain an NMRA membership. We are a 'Round Robin' club which meets monthly in a rotation system, at a members home, to operate equipment on the home layout if available. Members have layouts that range in scale from G-scale to N-scale.   Member's layouts vary from basement empires to garden railroads to a single module in the modular layout project. Members come from the northern and western suburbs of Detroit.  From St. Clair Shores to Rochester to Novi, our members have varied interests and professions.  The Club membership is limited to a maximum of 10 senior, 25 regular and 5 junior members in order to accommodate meetings in private homes.

What we do

While our charter is to operate on home layouts, there are many other activities.  Layout tours, picnics, fan trips, model contests, etc., are suggested and carried out.  Many members meet weekly to share work on their layouts. We are not a classical Modular Layout Club but our members have built, and on special occasions, we set-up and operate our modules.  Many members own one or more of these modules which typically are 4' or 6' long.  The modules can be set up as a loop or as a dog-bone.  A previous project was to build a display layout that models two blocks of modern day down town Rochester.   It is a long-term project to model the storefronts on Main Street between 3nd and University as well as many landmark buildings located in Rochester, Michigan. This display is on permanent display at the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen Farm.

How to get involved

Guests are always welcome to meetings, but please call ahead to the host to ensure there will be room.  You can contact the club web master at,  to find out when and where the next meeting will be held.   Meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month from 7:30 to 9:30.  Club membership requirements are; an interest in the hobby, membership in the NMRA, attending  3 consecutive monthly meetings, being sponsored by a club member and hosting the monthly meeting about once every 2 years.  Members who don't have the facility to accommodate 25 people generally host meetings at community centers, churches, complex club houses, or other member's houses. As a round robin club we need to maintain a manageable size which allows for a maximum of 10 senior members, 25 regular members and 10 junior members.

Another excellent place to meet fellow model railroaders is at the NMRA Div. 8 meetings.  Guests are always welcome.  These Div. 8 meetings always include clinics and a railroad show-and-tell, and are held every third Thursday of the month.  Come join us for good times and fellowship.

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