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Modular Layout

A module is a portable section of table type structure which is but one part of a large group of like tables which when all assembled together form a large and fully operating model railroad. They are built by individuals as part of a home layout or specifically for use interfacing with others in a large setup. All are built to a set of standards that allow each unit to interface exactly with other units anywhere in the overall system. A module may be a single table or a group of tables which must be capable of interface at each end but may deviate between these ends so long as the type of operation is not compromised or restricted. By being portable, they may be disassembled for transporting to conventions or public displays. Many clubs are formed for the specific purpose of building module layouts as space for a permanent layout is hard to find and is very expensive when available. Our club has chosen the NMRA module standards for our modular sub-group.

Below are some photos of our modular layout and some of the individual modules. 
Space does not allow us to show all the modules. Watch for our upcoming events to see them setup.

Also check out the NEW photo page from the main menu. Click on Members Layouts and Photos and scroll through the list for the module displays.

Click each photo for a larger view. 







If you would like to get an idea of what is involved in building a module click here to go to the Module Rebuild page.

Click here for some photos of Don K's module.