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The Georgetown Public Schools appreciates the support it receives from non-profit entities within the community.


The following guidelines must be followed when working with non-profit entities:


  1. If the non-profit entity requests the use of student generated art work or other materials for display, the following conditions must be met:


    1. The art work must be generated as part of the district approved curriculum.


    1. There shall be no compensation provided by the non-profit entity for time or materials.


    1. Parental permission must be received prior to the art work being used for display.


All non-profit entities must request permission from the Superintendent in writing to engage in the activities listed above.  They must demonstrate how the project furthers the public interest and has educational purpose.  The Superintendent will respond in writing to the request.


If a staff member uses time during the school day on the project with the non-profit entity, he/she must request approval in advance by the Superintendent and then complete and submit a disclosure form.


If the non-profit entity is conducting a project with students, no instructional time may be used during the school day.


If any member of the staff serves on the Board of the non-profit entity requesting approval under this policy, the staff member must file a disclosure form with the Town Clerk’s office.





Adopted on:    October 25, 2012