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The use of school buildings, grounds, equipment, and facilities will be authorized by the Superintendent in conformity with the following regulations, which have been approved by the School Committee.


1.         Requests for the use of school facilities will be made at the individual school offices at least 14 days prior to the date of use.  All requests must be on the attached "Use of Facility Application" form, available online or in each respective office.


2.         All requests for use of school facilities must be approved by the building Principal and the Director of Finance & Operations.  In addition, requests for use of athletic facilities requires the approval of the Athletic Director and requests for the use of kitchen facilities requires the approval of the Food Services Director.


3.         Directly affiliated groups will be permitted reasonable use of school facilities without charge.  A custodial fee may be charged.


4.         All activities must be under competent adult supervision approved by the Director of Finance & Operations and the Principal of the building involved.  In all cases, an assigned school employee will be present in the building, but may not be present at the event site.  The group using the facilities will be responsible for any damage to the building or equipment.


5.         Groups receiving permission are restricted to the dates and hours approved and to the building area and facilities specified, unless requested changes are approved by the Director of Finance & Operations.


6.         Groups receiving permission are responsible at all times for the observance of fire and safety requirements.


7.         Smoking is not permitted on any school property.  Permission for the possession and sale of alcoholic beverages may be granted to a nonprofit organization, which is properly licensed, only by the School Committee.


8.         External organizations that do not have a direct affiliation with the school department are required to provide a certificate of insurance directly from the insurance company naming the Town of Georgetown as an additional insured with liability limits of not less than $1,000,000.  The certificate of insurance is to be provided to the Director of Finance & Operations prior to the use of school facilities.  Organizations that are directly affiliated with the school department are organizations whose primary function is for the benefit of Georgetown Public Schools.  As of the adoption date of this policy, directly affiliated organizations consist of the PTA, GEF, SEPAC, Boosters, and that Partners in Football.  All other organizations are considered to be external organizations.  The directly affiliated organization list may be modified from time to time by action of the School Committee.


9.         The Committee will approve and periodically review a fee schedule for the use of school facilities.


10.       In situations where there is no cost factor to the school system, or in situations where a mutual exchange of facilities is possible between the school system and the organization, rates may be modified or eliminated by the Director of Finance & Operations. In situations where extended usage for a long period of time is required, rates may be set at a contract price.


11.       All groups using school facilities must adhere to the Georgetown Public School’s Health and Wellness policies.  Approved food and beverage will be served and consumed only in designated areas.  No food is permissible in any gymnasium at any time.  The group or organization is responsible for enforcing this paragraph.  Designated areas must be defined in the Use of Facilities application prior to approval.


12.       When schools have been closed due to inclement weather, all facilities will be closed for all uses.


13.       The School Committee reserves the right to cancel any permission granted.


Adopted on:    October 25, 2007

Revised on:    June 25, 2009

Revised on:    December 18, 2014