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According to the Georgetown School Committee, in compliance with the Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71, section 54B and the Department of Public Health regulations 105 CMF 210.000, medication may not be administered to students while at school unless such medicine is given to them by the school nurse, acting under specific written request of the parent or guardian and under the written directive of the student's personal physician. 


*see exceptions below*


  1. When the school nurse is not present, a student who needs medication during the school day may be called to the office at the scheduled hour and reminded by the secretary to take the medicine.  This provision only applies when the correct dosage of the medication has been placed in an individual container clearly marked with the student's name, the dosage to be administered, and the time and/or conditions under which the medicine is to be taken.  No one  but the school nurse, and those others listed on the medical administration plan acting within the above restrictions, may give any medication to any student

  2. 210.000:  Self Administration of Prescription Medications

          A.  Consistent with school policy, students may self administer prescription medication provided conditions in part B are met.  For the purposes of 105 CMR 210.000, "self administration" shall mean the student is able to consume or apply prescription medication in the manner directed by the licensed prescriber, without additional assistance or direction.


        B.  The school nurse may permit self medication of prescription medication by a student provided that the following requirements are met:


                1.)    the student, school nurse and parent/guardian, where appropriate, enter into an agreement which specifies the conditions under which the prescription medication may be self administered;


                2.)    the school nurse, as appropriate, develops a medication administration plan (105 CMR2 10.005(E)) which contains only those elements necessary to ensure safe administration of prescription medication;


                3.)    the school nurse evaluates the student's health status and abilities and deems self administration safe an appropriate.  As necessary, the school nurse shall observe initial self-administration of the prescription medication.


                4.)    the school nurse is reasonably assured that the student is able to identify the appropriate prescription medication, knows the frequency and time of day for which the prescription medication is ordered, and follows the school self administration protocols;


                5.)    there is written authorization from the student's parent or guardian that the student may self medicate, unless the student has consented to treatment under M.G.L. c 112  ss 12F or other authority permitting the student to consent to medical treatment without parental permission


The school district shall, through the district nurse leader, register with the Dept. of Public Health and train personnel in the use of Epi-pens.




LEGAL REF.:              M.G.L. 71:54B

Dept. of Public Health Regulations:  105 CMR 210.00


Adopted on:     April 10, 2008

Revised on:      November 12, 2009

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