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No student will be permitted to attend class without proof that all required immunizations are up to date, with the exceptions that the student has a medical or religious reason for not being immunized. In those cases, proper documentation by professionals will be required.


Students entering school for the first time, whether at kindergarten or through transfer from another school system, will be required to present a physician's certificate attesting to immunization as specified from time to time by the Department of Public Health. The only exception to these requirements will be made on receipt of a written statement from a doctor that immunization would not be in the best interests of the child; or, the student's parent or guardian stating that vaccination or immunization is contrary to the religious beliefs of the student or parent.


LEGAL REF.:  M.G.L. 71:54B

                        Dept. of Public Health Regulations: 105 CMR 210.00

                        McKinney-Vento Act


SOURCE:  Georgetown


Adopted on:     April 10, 2008