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(1)   Advantages and privileges of public schools include all extracurricular activities made available, sponsored or supervised by any public school. No school shall sponsor or participate in the organization of outside extra-curricular activities conducted as such school which restrict students participation on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin or homelessness. 603 CMR 26.06(1) does not prohibit school committees from allowing use of school premises by independent groups with restrictive membership.


(2)         No student shall be denied the opportunity in any implied or explicit manner to participate in an extra-curricular activity because of the race, color, sex, religion, national origin or homelessness of the student except as provided in 603 CMR 26.06(7).


(3)         Each school system shall provide a fair distribution of athletic expenditures. Each school within such system shall provide equal opportunity for male and female students to participate in intramural and interscholastic sports. Factors considered in determining equal opportunity shall include budgetary allocations, the proportion of male and female students in the student body, the number and nature of activities offered, levels of competition, equipment (including rate of replacement), supplies, awards, uniforms, facilities, scheduling of games and practice times, travel opportunities and allowances, opportunities to receive equitable coaching and instruction at each level of competition and the availability of services such as medical and insurance coverage, publicity, clerical and administrative staff, scouting services and audio-visual aids.


(4)   In developing its athletic program, a school shall be required to demonstrate good faith by taking into account determined student interest.


(5)         In order to insure fair distribution of athletic expenditures as defined in 603 CMR 26.06(4), each school shall indicate in the budget that is reviewed by the school committee the anticipated expenditure for each interscholastic and intramural athletic activity and the anticipated student participation in the activity by number and sex.


(6)         A school may establish separate teams for males and females for interscholastic and intramural compensation in a particular sport, provided that the requirements of 603 CMR 26.06(8) are satisfied.


(7)   Teams comprised primarily or solely of persons of one sex shall be granted equal instruction, training, coaching, access to available facilities, equipment and opportunities to practice and complete as teams engaged in a similar activity comprised primarily or solely of persons of the opposite sex.


(8)   Participation in extra-curricular activities shall be actively encouraged by each school for both boys and girls and for racial and ethnic minorities. When offering extra-curricular programs, schools shall take into consideration the ethnic traditions of the student body. Criteria not related to skill levels which act to exclude members of one sex of any racial, religious, or ethnic group represented in the school from participation in specific athletic or other extra-curricular activities cannot be permitted.


(9)   Participants may try out/sign up for an activity while ineligible, but they cannot participate, practice, or play in contests until academic eligibility is certified by an administrator.



(10)  In order to participate in an extra-curricular program, which requires two (2) or more days of commitment per quarter, a student must have a minimum average of 70 and not be failing more than one (1) subject.  Grades from the most recent report card are applicable in determining eligibility.  (Except first quarter eligibility is determined by final grades in the past school year.)


(11)  This policy shall be effective for extracurricular activities beginning immediately after first quarter report cards are distributed to all students during the 2009-2010 academic year.



LEGAL REF.:                        M.G.L. 71:47

            603 CMR 26.06


SOURCE:  Georgetown


Adopted:  December 11, 2008

Revised:   August 25, 2016