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Smoking, chewing, or other use of tobacco products by staff, students, and members of the public shall be banned from all District buildings.  All forms of tobacco use shall be prohibited on all District property.  In addition, tobacco use by students is banned at all school-sponsored events, even though this use does not take place on school grounds.




The following consequences escalate for one school year.  Infractions shall not carry over from one school year to the next. Each student shall receive a fresh start with each new school year.


First offense--will result in detention, work detail, smoking cessation class, or other measures as deemed appropriate by the building administrator.  Implementation of these consequences will be based on specific circumstances and individual students in compliance with each school's established procedures.


Second offense--will result in a one-day suspension.


Third offense--will result in a three-day suspension or one-day suspension with completion of a designated smoking cessation program.


Fourth offense--will result in a five-day suspension or a two-day suspension with completion of a designated smoking cessation program.


Fifth offense--will result in a recommendation for expulsion for insubordination.




LEGAL REF:  M.G.L 71:37H


Adopted on:     April 10, 2008