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In order to graduate from Georgetown High School, a student must have earned at least 115 credits and 40 hours of approved community service.  Course requirements are the following:


Four full-year English courses - 20 credits

Three full-year mathematics courses - 15 credits

Three full-year science courses – 15 credits

Three full-year courses in history and social science, including World History II and U.S. history  I and II - 15 credits

Physical education is required each year of high school - 5 credits

Business and Computer Technology – 2.5 credits

Fine Arts, Industrial Arts, and/or Music – 2.5 credits


Other requirements may be established by the school administration in relation to the particular program, otherwise the additional credits needed for a graduation may be selected from among elective courses.


Early Graduation:  A student who has completed the courses required for graduation and who has earned 90 or more credits by the end of his junior year may be graduated at the discretion of the School Committee.


Credit for Foreign Study:  Students who are away for a term or year to participate in a student exchange program or otherwise study abroad may receive credits toward high school graduation when (1) study plans are approved by the school administration in advance; and (2) the institution where the study occurred submits a record of the student's work.  In these instances, the Principal and student's guidance counselor will evaluate the work and assign credit for it according to standards prevailing in Georgetown High School.





Adopted on:     April 24, 2008


Revised on:      December 5, 2008


Adopted on:     January 22, 2009