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The Committee understands the importance of homework as a co-curricular necessity.  

The purposes of homework are to reinforce learning, to aid in the mastery of skills and/or provide opportunities for inquiry on the part of the student.

Homework is a learning activity, which should increase in complexity with the maturity of the student and should become an independent activity.  This should be established through consistent assignments, which encourage students to investigate for themselves and to work independently and/or with peers.

Homework assignments should be reasonable and consistent in terms of the amount given and the time required for each assignment and should take into consideration the age and individual differences of the students.

Consideration should be given to the balance between home life and school responsibilities.  Communication between home and school is vital to achieving this goal.  

Homework given over school vacations during the school year shall provide ample time before and after the vacation period for students to complete assignments outside of the vacation period.  

The Committee supports summer reading lists across all age groups.  Optional practice may be offered to minimize regression.  Students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be assigned homework over the summer.

Homework is not to be used as a form of punishment.  Beginning in fourth grade, homework assignments may be counted in students' grades; however the weight should not exceed 10% of the final grade.

If there are issues and/or questions about homework, communication between families and teachers is critical if the goals of homework are to be met. 




Adopted:          May 8, 2008

Revised:           February 25, 2016