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Field trips are considered an extension of our school's curriculum, therefore, when on field trips, students are expected to follow all school rules. All students are expected to attend educational field trips. The expectations for behavior on a field trip are identical to those expectations for behavior at school. When Georgetown students are on a field trip, they represent the community of Georgetown. All regular guidelines and consequences for behavior apply, both on the bus and on the site. Students on overnight field trips who do not follow the guidelines will be sent home at parents' expense. Students who are not in good standing due to frequent disciplinary infractions may be denied the opportunity to attend field trips with the approval of the appropriate school district administrator. Any financial burdens due to the loss of privilege to attend (i.e. - non-refundable deposits/payments) will be the responsibility of the student.



LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 71:47; 603 CMR 26.06




SOURCE:  Georgetown


Adopted on:     April 24, 2008