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The Georgetown Public Schools are pleased to provide employees with a laptop computer for their use in their position in the Georgetown Public Schools. Beginning in 2014-2015, teacher workstations will be replaced with MAC Book Air solid state laptop computers. Laptop computers offer mobility for end users, which will have advantages for classroom teachers. One such advantage is the ability to move the computer easily around the classroom or to be able to take the computer home to complete work for classroom projects at school. Teachers who use a laptop computer as their assigned classroom workstation and other employees in the school district that are assigned a laptop computer,  will be required to agree to the terms of use as outlined in this document.
The terms of use are listed below:

1. The laptop computer is the property of the Georgetown Public Schools and issued to employees for the purpose of conducting school business. It is intended only for the use of the school district employee to whom it is assigned.

2. The laptop computer is a desktop replacement for teachers and must be at school during regularly scheduled work days in order to receive administrative communications, upgrades to anti-virus and other software, to take daily attendance and other requirements of the student records management system.

3. The employee may take the laptop computer home or to other locations after school hours. Each employee will be provided a protective sleeve for the laptop computer.  Employees may use their own bag/briefcase but are requested to show this to technology department staff for approval or recommendations (for the employee’s protection).

4. The employee is responsible, for the care, appropriate use of and damages incurred to the laptop computer outside of the school building. The school staff will use the laptop for school business only.

Under no circumstances should the employee, or anyone other than the technology department staff, attempt to fix suspected hardware or any other imperfections within the laptop computer.

Only the Georgetown Public Schools technology department staff will assess damages and determine costs for repair and/or replacement. If the laptop computer is stolen or lost, it must be reported to the Technology Department  (978-352-5777 ext.119) right away but not more than the next working day after the occurrence. This increases the chance of recovery since the tracking software will report the location of the laptop computer if it is connected to the Internet. 

5. Laptop computers will be loaded with a standard set of software needed for use by all employees. The employee may add software to the laptop but there is no guarantee that the software will be recoverable if updates or damages occur, nor will added software be supported by the technology department.

6. The laptop computer is configured for use on the school network. The technology department will not be able to assist employees at their home in order to connect the laptop to their Internet providers.

7. The laptop computer is issued to the employee in their current position. If there is a change in position or the employee will be absent for an extended time or changes schools, the laptop computer may be reassigned to another employee.

8. The laptop computer will need to be returned to the technology department from time to time to receive regular maintenance and upgrades. Employees will be notified when this becomes necessary.

9. All employees provided with a laptop computer must adhere to Georgetown Public Schools School Committee Policies regarding appropriate use and data protection.

10. If the employee leaves the district, it is the employee's responsibility to return the laptop computer and any other district-issued technology equipment to the technology department in their school prior to their last day of employment.

11. Each employee who is assigned a laptop computer must have a signed copy of the Georgetown Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy on file.

12. The employee is required to back up data files to the network or district cloud storage on a regular basis. If the laptop computer is returned for repair, the hard drive may be replaced or require reformatting and all data may be lost.

Laura Markarian,
Nov 12, 2014, 9:37 AM